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New Starter – Meet Alex Cojocaru

Alex attended Spiru Haret University in Bucharest, studying Marketing and Economical Business with a focus on Marketing Management.

From there Alex moved into the world of irrigation, becoming Assistant then Irrigation Manager for Groves Farm, part of the Hall Hunter Partnership. His role saw him take responsibility of the:

  • Watering and Feeding of the Crops
  • Data Collection
  • Lead and soil analysis
  • Irrigation system construction & dismantling
  • Irrigation system design, pipe sizing, selecting correct drippers and sprinklers

The seven years as an Irrigation foreman played a critical part in growing a successful crop, year upon year. Alex states that:

Good irrigation and attention to detail, results in quality fruit that is easy to pick and higher in yield, resulting in increased income for both company and pickers.

Alex moved onto being Assistant Crop Manager taking up responsibility of the health and well being of the crops on site. His main tasks involved:

  • Organising Irrigation and Fertilisation
  • Site Health & Safety
  • Tunnels & Climate control
  • Control of Pest’s & Diseases
  • Plant Husbandry
  • Site Labour Organisation

His time at Grove Farm means he understands what it takes for a farm to be successful, what problems may occur and how best to solve them. Making him a reliable port of call for our customers.

To contact Alex:
Phone – 07741 654 562
Email –