HP Now

Hp Now - Purification Made Simple


hpgenTM is the World’s First Patented H2O2 Processing Unit That Growers Use On Their Own Site

  • Produces ultra-pure, safe, low concentration hydrogen peroxide
  • Highly effective against clogging
  • Works across wide pH window
  • No dripper and irrigation system damage
  • No consumables – only water, electric & air
  • Autonomous “hassle-free” operation
  • No by-products, no limit on recirculation
  • Increased oxygenation
  • Recommended for organic agriculture
  • Reduces system maintenance, increases yield and quality!
HPNow H2O2 Processing Unit


H2O2 Proven to be the Best Water Treatment Agent

  • Proven and more efficient alternative to toxic water treatment agents (e.g. chlorine)

Highly effective, oxidation potential 25% > chlorine
  • Works across wide alkaline and acidic pH range
  • Substantially improves emitter lifetime, no diaphragm damage
  • Recommended for organic agriculture, leaves no unwanted traces, endorsed by EC committees
  • Breaks down to pure water and oxygen
HPGen unit in glasshouse

Eliminating the Increasingly Regulated, and Costly Supply Chains When Using H2O2 in Water Treatment

Centralised Production

Transportation in large format packaging, high concentration, Growing EC regulatory barriers.

Distribution, breakdown packaging, dosing into lines at Parts Per Million levels, storage and handling.

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