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Stops Algae at the Last Point of Protection for Your Drippers

And Just a Few Seconds to Clean!

The Tavlit ADIR Semi-automatic disc filter series TDS Smart Filtration is a semi-automatic disc filter, giving the user the advantages of disc filtration without the need to manually clean the discs. The filters are available in 2” and 3” – with flow rates up to 50m3/h. It is possible to make the Tavlit ADIR fully automatic after installation.

Special Features:

  • Flushing is performed simply by turning the operation handle a ¼ of a turn. Quick and easy.
  • Water for flushing the discs is filtered with an internal screen.
  • Small footprint.
  • No external valves are required.
  • Standard pressure indicator enables a quick and easy way to show that the filter is dirty and needs flushing.
  • When pressure loss across the filter element reaches the preset value, usually 0.5 bar (7 psi), the red button pops up and the user can see from a distance that the filter needs flushing.
  • No need to perform manual pressure tests.
  • After flushing, the button descends into the indicator body.
  • The device is connected directly to the pressure testing ports.

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Tavlit model TVD

High Quality Depth Filtration for Algae with Efficient Flushing, Even at Very Low Pressure

ADIR Automatic Disc filters batteries Model TVD TAVLIT line of automatic disc filters, combines high quality depth filtration with efficient flushing of the disc elements at a very a low pressure of 1.5 bar, compared to 3 bars normally required. The innovative technology of the filter uses venturi devices, inserted at the spine’s inlets, which introduce air during the flushing process.

The mixture of air and water enables more efficient flushing, uses smaller quantities of water and shortens the time. Air also helps cushion the discs, reducing friction and prolonging the element life. The venturi devices insert air from the atmosphere, meaning no external power or compressed air is required.

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IrriPro Software – Get Maximum Efficiency

Get Maximum Efficiency and Uniformity from Your Irrigation

IrriPro Accurately Calculates the Output Quality of a Proposed System – Before a Pipe Has Been Laid!

Correct design is the only way to achieve maximum efficiency and supply uniformity of an irrigation system, even systems with pressure-compensating emitters have physical limits and require appropriate design.

Recommended by our experts, IrriPro accurately predicts how an irrigation system will perform before it is installed and also allows a grower to improve the performance of existing systems. IrriPro calculates the output quality of your irrigation, providing the best distribution of water, even on slopes, or large irrigation networks.

From the initial survey and data input, through to choosing the system components and the final solution, a user-friendly interface allows our experts to plan your irrigation system directly on the working area. IrriPro allows for the comparison of multiple options, either for new irrigation systems or those already in place.

Whether you need a drip or sprinkler system, IrriPro takes care of almost every design decision in order to give you an efficient system and high quality irrigation output.

Key Features of IrriPro

  • Complete project, from pump to water supplied to each system with automatic design and sizing of the irrigation system
  • Allows you to design a system (with topographic models) using Google Maps™
  • Allows the import of external CAD files
  • INDO technology (Irrigation Network Data Object) allows you to draw the components of a system on the terrain
  • 3D graphics accurately calculate all the physical parameters (pressure, flow rate, etc.) at each point of the system to give uniform coverage over the growing area
  • Calculation and management of the pump head and limit pressure for reducers
  • Precise evaluation of the head losses due to pipes, emitters, fittings, valves, filters and any other elements of the system
  • Calculation of system efficiency and waste water volume
  • Advanced management of elements fittings to allow the right introduction of equipment, fittings, derivations, valves, etc.
  • Automatic updates for database and additional new features
  • Doesn’t require third-party software for the design and processing of documents.
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Green Spin Bay

Allows Growers to Accurately Irrigate Individual Bays

Green Spin Bay is a Non-Drip, Inverted Micro Sprinkler, Designed for 9.6m Bays in Greenhouses and Poly-Tunnels

Main Advantages

  • Bridge-less, no dripping during operation
  • No deflection or “dead corners”
  • Low trajectory and superior uniformity over a wide range of spacings
  • Recommended working pressure: 2.0 – 3.0 bar
  • Flow rate: 43-200 l/h
  • Optional Leakage Prevention Device (LPD) prevents drainage after shut-off
  • Tapered or bayonet connection.
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Our experts use SPACE sprinkler software

Our experts use SPACE to Assess the Feasibility of Upgrading Existing Systems or When Designing a New One

SPACE (Sprinkler Profile And Coverage Evaluation) is a powerful analytical tool giving irrigation designers the ability to evaluate and compare sprinkler designs. Our experts use SPACE on every sprinkler system they design. It allows sprinkler heads to be placed in almost any configuration and combination; calculates the uniformity and displays the coverage using actual test data.

Multiple Overlap Options

SPACE can perform rectangular, triangular, equilateral, offset, single and double-row overlaps. SPACE can display both the driest and wettest areas in the overlap pattern and will display the application rate for that area by simply pointing to any area of the overlap.

Economic Analysis Options

SPACE allows our designers to determine the feasibility of upgrading an existing irrigation system or choosing an entirely new system. Any number of overlap spacings, layouts, or pressure and nozzle combinations can be compared to make it easy to determine the economic benefit of upgrading your current irrigation system.

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Easy and Accurate Dilution of Acid Without Handling

Tefen’s Watch Guard is the premier reservoir float-valve dilution system, that delivers diluted acid solutions into any drum or tank. Attached to a standard water supply, Watch Guard keeps the reservoir filled, ensuring a constant supply of diluted solution for the MixRite system or acid dosing channelling for any feed-rig. When used with Watch Guard, ultra-lean dilutions as low as 5 parts per million are achievable.

  • Effective with all strengths and types of acid
  • Automatically activates to keep reservoir full
  • Metering tip for dilutions from 0.25% to 14.2%
  • Includes ASSE 1055B approved action gap back-flow preventer
  • Delivers accurate proportioning, regardless of water flow or pressure changes
  • Dosing tanks available in different sizes and colours, plus optional dosing tank bounds.
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A.R.I. Air Valves Provide The Ultimate Protection

Air Valves Improve The Efficiency & Performance of Your Irrigation System

A.R.I. Air Valves serve two primary functions. The first, is the release of accumulated air that comes out of the solution within a pressurised pipeline. This air will form bubbles, which gather at localised high points along the pipeline. This accumulation occurs when the bubble’s buoyancy is greater than the energy to convey it within the liquid. An A.R.I. Air Valve releases this free air.

The second function is to admit air into the irrigation system when the pressure drops below atmospheric pressure. By admitting air, the magnitude of the pressure drop can be reduced and help prevent excessive deflection and/or collapse of the pipeline. It also helps prevent the formation of a full vacuum, in which vapour cavities may form from the fluid vaporising. In this situation, an A.R.I. Air & Vacuum Valve is used. It can also be used to discharge large volumes of air from your system when it is initially filled, and after water column separation.