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HPNow Participating in Horizon 2020

Europe’s Largest Research & Innovation Programme

The Horizon 2020 SME programme has helped HPNow develop and bring to market their irrigation water treatment solution under Horizon 2020’s ‘Stimulating the innovation potential of SMEs for sustainable and competitive agriculture, forestry, agri-food and bio-based sectors’ area of interest.

A successful project outcome will substantially contribute to the following challenges:

  • Safer and healthier food through reduction in the use of toxic chemical agents.
  • Increased crop-yields, and reduced losses, through reliable and homogeneous irrigation, improved plant health.
  • Improved resource efficiency through facilitation of use of efficient irrigation.
  • Sustainable, more environmentally friendly agricultural and food industries.
  • Reduced farm occupational hazards.

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Second AMI Penta fertilizer Mixer installed in Scotland

Bringing glasshouse technology onto the field. Second AMI Penta fertilizer Mixer installed in Scotland for precise fertigation with irrigation control for a soft fruit farm. Having the SIIP system in place this will become automatic, taking moisture, drainage and climate readings from the field. Based on user targets, the software will take control over crop requirements and adjust accordingly.

AMI Penta sets even greater focus on the plants’ need for precision fertilizing and accurate acidity in the irrigation water at the right time. We have never seen a more precise dosing of EC and pH, giving the plants the required nutrients at the right pH.

AMI Penta fertilizer mixer is easy to operate with well-arranged menus shown on a large 10.1″ touch screen.

Many languages are available and switching between them is very simple. This minimizes the risk of human errors in companies employing people of different nationality.

Current setup controls 16 valves for growing tabletop strawberries. For each group, you can choose between 20 different recipes with information about EC, pH and the fertilizer mix. Irrigation time and volume can be set individually for each valve. Adjustments by radiation, drainage or climate.

The software in AMI Penta is based on a standard operating system and is easy to update and expand with more functions and larger capacity when needed. AMI Penta will be connected to one central PC with the SuperLink 6 central control program for further analysis. Graphics that you can build on like chill units, GDH and disease forecast models.

It’s an exciting new development that will help you focus on more precise growing.

To read more about about Senmatic SIIP, see our page below.

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Steven Busby – Director, Littywood Farm

Littywood Farm is based in the countryside of Staffordshire in the West Midlands and are very proud of their farming heritage. They desire to grow the very best quality produce and are truly passionate about being one of the leading producers of soft fruit. The reflection of that passion is shown with their business management skills with customers, suppliers and colleagues alike. Littywood Farm started in the soft fruit industry by producing Strawberries and over the years have extended their facilities to include both Raspberries and Cherries, making this an all-round soft fruit business.

“For phase II of Project Substrate at Littywood, the choice of Ripple Aquaplast was a simple one. We just wanted more of the same as 98% class 1 fruit in year one was a great start. Ripple Aquaplast co-operated with our in-house staff so as a ‘team’ we produced our great results.”

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Jon Rix – Business Partner, Kelsey Farm

Joined the business in 1999. Was originally a top fruit concern. Since 2000 100% soft fruit with a 50/50 split between raspberries and strawberries.

“The NDJ drip systems Aquaplast have supplied are the most accurate on the farm. Their performance in particular on sloping terrain outperforms any other dripper we have. There is zero run off and therefore very uniform crops.”

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Geoff Ceaser – Managing Director, Borden Hill

A significant player in the UK wholesale nursery supply market, Borden Hill can be traced back to the mid 19th century for the Webbs side of the business which was merged with Bransford in 2005. The Tooby family started Bransford in the 1960s. Having justifiably winning Ornamental Grower of the Year 2016.

Geoff Ceasar MD says of Ripple Aquaplast:

“At Borden Hill we have made considerable increases to our growing facilities over the years. Through all of this expansion we have relied upon Ripple Aquaplast for both advice and supply of irrigation equipment. From the smallest repair job needing an overnight supply of fittings to major projects requiring design and technical recommendations Ripple Aquaplast have proved to be a valuable, reliable and cost effective partner for our business.”

Geoff is a Director of the HTA and Chairman of the Ornamentals Committee.

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First Senmatic Penta mixing rig in Scotland

The very first installation of the Senmatic Penta mixing rig in Scotland in what I think it is fair to say under ‘challenging’ conditions, which at this time of year it often is! Just a few more pieces to add and adjust and the bags will be wetted up.

The Senmatic software is using glasshouse technology for the field and the control that the irrigation team will have, is second to none. As I’m sure the picture shows, the stainless steel construction is demonstrating a high quality piece of equipment designed for many years of service.

The unit is also capable of running the Senmatic SiiP sensor system for autopilot or semi autopilot control. This is something that owner will look at later in the season as maintaining a high level of autonomous control via the computer is becoming a must for any grower.