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Mote Field Project

Our first trial system was installed at Hugh Low Farms around three years ago. These guys take their in-field trials seriously. After running this system well for the three years, only then did the team at HLF feel comfortable with ordering additional NDJ Click Tif drippers.

A project of over 5 acres of Soft Fruit table top with over 100k drippers, filtration, automatic valves and all the pipe work. Whilst the general design mirrored the HLF favoured style, the technical team at Ripple Aquaplast were always keen to input and managed to convince the irrigation manager, Valentin Cojocaru to make some alterations to the original design. Improvements are often not seen as one great step forward, more likely a collection of smaller improvements.

Everything is top notch! It’s been a pleasure to work with the experienced team from HLF who always approach things logically and rationally.
Hopefully after this project comes to an end, the results will convince the guys to place more future projects with Ripple Aquaplast.