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Bransford Nurseries Filtration Project

RippleAquaplast were asked to compile a complete irrigation audit of the nursery to cover the following –

  1. Problem areas you are looking to solve e.g. reservoir filtration, underground mains pressures in certain areas
  2. Filtration in general
  3. Pump houses
  4. Sprinklers systems – overhead and on risers inside and out
  5. Drip systems
  6. Capillary beds
  7. Propagation
  8. Control systems
  9. Overview of the new area

One of the most obvious areas for improvement was in the filtration of the water being pumped from the river and reservoir into the holding tank. An old sand filter had been decommissioned some time ago which meant a large amount of sediment entering the holding tank.

Filtration consisted of screen filters in the pump house and locally at various points around the nursery. The most cost effective solution suggested was to install a suitably sized filter system prior to the holding tank and clean out the holding tank to give a fresh start.

The filtration system was specified with assistance from our partners at NaanDanJain and Yamit filtration. The final recommendation was to install 4 x 30” media filter with an automatic back flushing controller and safety screen filter on the outlet. The media to be used is a new innovation called Garofiltre which consists of crushed glass to a specific particle size of 0.7-1.3mm which gives a filtration degree of 100 microns.

To see a sand and GARO®filtre comparison for irrigation purposes, click Tech Data.