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Hawkesmill Nurseries Project

New Glasshouse 2018/19

RippleAquaplast Ltd were approached late in 2017 to discuss and propose a complete irrigation solution for a new one hectare glasshouse. The glasshouse was to be constructed on a green field site adjacent to an existing nursery area.

The requirements were as follows:-

  • A new pumping system to be located in the existing pump house area
  • A new water storage tank
  • Pumping and filtration system for the reservoir to fill the above tank
  • The ability to dose fertiliser through spray lines and hose watering systems
  • Recovery of the drainage water from the existing nursery into a reservoir on the new site
  • A new overhead sprinkler system with solenoid valve controller
  • Environmental control for four zones including propagation and production areas
  • A low level irrigation system (e.g. capillary/sand beds/sub-irrigation)
  • A festoon hose system per bay
  • Provision of hand watering points

What we did

The following solutions were proposed and implemented:-

  • A Lowara variable speed drive (Hydrovar) pumping and header system
  • A 24 x 10’ Galvanised water storage tank with EDPM liner and anti-algae cover
  • A Lowara submersible pump with water transfer pipe, float switch controlled panel and automatic self-flushing screen filter
  • A Tefen fertiliser dosing unit with an on/off selector
  • An existing drain was utilised to recover the drain water into the reservoir
  • Each glasshouse bay has two spray lines with a sprinkler configuration designed to water half the bay very accurately with limited over spray into adjacent bays
  • The vents, screens, heating and sprinkler irrigation are controlled via a bespoke Gavish system
  • Capillary sand beds were selected as the low level option with the header system from the new pump having outlets for the float tanks
  • Hand watering points were allowed for at appropriate points along the central pathway

The system was installed in late 2018 with a view to being fully operational in early 2019.