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Our experts use SPACE sprinkler software

Our experts use SPACE to Assess the Feasibility of Upgrading Existing Systems or When Designing a New One

SPACE (Sprinkler Profile And Coverage Evaluation) is a powerful analytical tool giving irrigation designers the ability to evaluate and compare sprinkler designs. Our experts use SPACE on every sprinkler system they design. It allows sprinkler heads to be placed in almost any configuration and combination; calculates the uniformity and displays the coverage using actual test data.

Multiple Overlap Options

SPACE can perform rectangular, triangular, equilateral, offset, single and double-row overlaps. SPACE can display both the driest and wettest areas in the overlap pattern and will display the application rate for that area by simply pointing to any area of the overlap.

Economic Analysis Options

SPACE allows our designers to determine the feasibility of upgrading an existing irrigation system or choosing an entirely new system. Any number of overlap spacings, layouts, or pressure and nozzle combinations can be compared to make it easy to determine the economic benefit of upgrading your current irrigation system.