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Easy and Accurate Dilution of Acid Without Handling

Tefen’s Watch Guard is the premier reservoir float-valve dilution system, that delivers diluted acid solutions into any drum or tank. Attached to a standard water supply, Watch Guard keeps the reservoir filled, ensuring a constant supply of diluted solution for the MixRite system or acid dosing channelling for any feed-rig. When used with Watch Guard, ultra-lean dilutions as low as 5 parts per million are achievable.

  • Effective with all strengths and types of acid
  • Automatically activates to keep reservoir full
  • Metering tip for dilutions from 0.25% to 14.2%
  • Includes ASSE 1055B approved action gap back-flow preventer
  • Delivers accurate proportioning, regardless of water flow or pressure changes
  • Dosing tanks available in different sizes and colours, plus optional dosing tank bounds.