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Stops Algae at the Last Point of Protection for Your Drippers

And Just a Few Seconds to Clean!

The Tavlit ADIR Semi-automatic disc filter series TDS Smart Filtration is a semi-automatic disc filter, giving the user the advantages of disc filtration without the need to manually clean the discs. The filters are available in 2” and 3” – with flow rates up to 50m3/h. It is possible to make the Tavlit ADIR fully automatic after installation.

Special Features:

  • Flushing is performed simply by turning the operation handle a ¼ of a turn. Quick and easy.
  • Water for flushing the discs is filtered with an internal screen.
  • Small footprint.
  • No external valves are required.
  • Standard pressure indicator enables a quick and easy way to show that the filter is dirty and needs flushing.
  • When pressure loss across the filter element reaches the preset value, usually 0.5 bar (7 psi), the red button pops up and the user can see from a distance that the filter needs flushing.
  • No need to perform manual pressure tests.
  • After flushing, the button descends into the indicator body.
  • The device is connected directly to the pressure testing ports.

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Tavlit model TVD

High Quality Depth Filtration for Algae with Efficient Flushing, Even at Very Low Pressure

ADIR Automatic Disc filters batteries Model TVD TAVLIT line of automatic disc filters, combines high quality depth filtration with efficient flushing of the disc elements at a very a low pressure of 1.5 bar, compared to 3 bars normally required. The innovative technology of the filter uses venturi devices, inserted at the spine’s inlets, which introduce air during the flushing process.

The mixture of air and water enables more efficient flushing, uses smaller quantities of water and shortens the time. Air also helps cushion the discs, reducing friction and prolonging the element life. The venturi devices insert air from the atmosphere, meaning no external power or compressed air is required.