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Need Better Irrigation

When you are selecting which dripper to use what are the criteria that you use? Price? Who the salesman is? Historical practice? Well consider the NDJ Click Tif dripper. As the advertisement states the Click Tif gives up to 40% better irrigation performance! Often in the UK the closing pressure of a dripper can determine whether a system works or not. Fortunately the NDJ Click dripper offers the 40% advantage over other popular drippers. Not many growers use this measure but it works out as probably one of the most important and influential measures UK growers show use.

You know when you have an issue. The drippers instead of being CNL – non leakage – they just keep on dripping, emptying the lateral line so that when it comes to the next sequence, the line has to fill again. Of course the dripping drippers drip on every on/off of the valve. How many hundreds of times is that a season? Either way you end up with non uniform irrigation.

Next time you are buying drippers, think about this NDJ 40% advantage.