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D E Mcintyre

Wrap around rig, fully automated pump set and CNL dripline in troughs.

  • Variable Speed twin pump set
  • Wrap Around Rig
  • Topographical laser measurements made prior to installation
  • Strawberry Crop on formed soil with coir substrate.
  • Supply water drawn from the river
  • Historical data collection
  • Dedicated 5 hectare strawberry site with 19200m of troughs in pre-formed beds
  • Amnon 20mm 1.1 L/h drip lines with drippers at 30cm spacing
  • Lateral LPD’s designed in to prevent drain down
  • Pumping system, dosing rig and header pipe system designed to allow for future expansion
  • Filling system for water storage tank included
  • Ability to operate the system remotely allowed for
  • Data recording for historical analysis
  • Alarms for non-function of irrigation and/or dosing systems