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May Trip to NaanDanJain France

New Products and New Designs

Earlier in May, NaanDanJain France invited Stewart Penny and Simon Taylor of NDJ UK to hold commercial and technical discussions regarding the growing use of sprinklers in orchards in France and in what applications they are used.

Here we see a large frost protection system in Meauzac near Toulouse in the South of France. They take frost protection seriously here as they can have frosts of around -7’c and as we were driving around you can see quite clearly the farmers who took the risk and this year have lost the gamble.

This particular grower has 150 acres of apples and 50 acres of cherries. All the areas can be frost protected at once and this year he will see the benefit of the investment as they have seen -6’c when the system, was called into action. The system is actually triggered by a simple “wet sock” frost stat. The sprinklers are of course NDJ, from the 200 series the robust brass sprinkler with the red protective cover.