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Panlathy Farming

Panlathy Farming are a longstanding customer of Ripple Aquaplast, commissioned us to survey, design and provide a quotation for a reservoir pumping system. This would be for the recently acquired farm to the North of Inverkeilor, to expand their potato growing operation.

The farm came complete with a reservoir and underground water mains infrastructure supplied by a diesel powered irrigation pump. The decision, as with their other farms, was taken to invest in an electric pumping system comprising of a Lowara 45kW speed controlled surface pump with a 7.5kW submersible priming pump linked via a GSM controlled system.

This involved the relocation and upgrading of the existing power supply. The main use for the pumping system will be irrigation reels, although sprayer filling is possible as well.

How did we do it?

The system is similar in design and layout to previous pumping systems, however we incorporated the latest in power saving technology and pump design.

The system comprised of the following:

  • 1 x 45kW Vertical multistage pump which will be the surface pump
  • 1 x 7.5kW 8″ Submersible pump with motor cooling shroud, filter and support feet.
  • 1 x Variable speed panel with start system for the submersible pump to ensure prime is maintained
  • GSM system to operate remote access via text on/text off system. This allows the user to stop and start the rain gun at will, be it on site or in the comfort of home.
  • 10m x 5″ Suction hose between pumps with fittins into the submersible and surface pump.
  • The suction hose includes a 5″ wafer non-return valve to maintain the pump prime between operations.
  • 1 x Float switch with 20m cable to suspend in the reservoir to provide low level protection cut out
  • 1 x 20 litre Pressure vessel which enables the panel to shut down the pumps with zero demand