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Farming “can be more profitable” after Brexit

The four UK farming unions said the right government policy could make British agriculture more productive and progressive

British farms “can become more profitable” following Brexit according to the four farming unions, but only “with the right policy”.

Presidents Barclay Bell, of Ulster Farmers’ Union, Minette Batters, National Farmers Union, Andrew McCornick, NFU Scotland and John Davies, of NFU Cymru urged the government to “herald a revolution” following the UK’s departure from the European Union.

The statement comes as the UK moves to the next phase of Brexit negotiations following the sign-off on the framework for a future relationship between the UK and EU.

In a joint statement from the four presidents, they affirmed the need for “frictionless” access to European markets, stating new trade deals must not undermine British producers. “A well-managed Brexit must herald an agricultural revolution. Enabling UK farmers to continue to deliver high quality, safe, affordable and responsibly produced food for all UK consumers, whatever their income. Our farming and food sector has some of the best standards of food safety, animal welfare and trace-ability in the world. Brexit should celebrate these standards and new third country trade agreements must not undermine them,” they said.

“While we are leaving the political union, we must retain frictionless access to European markets.

“With the right policy Britain’s farms can be more profitable, productive and progressive,” they concluded.

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