NDJ Click Tif Dripper – Stake Design

A Deep ‘H’ Section in NDJ’s Drop Guide Stake Keeps Water Away From Interference

The NDJ Drop Guide stake, with its deep ‘H’ section design keeps the running water out of the way of any protrusions or outside interference. It does this so successfully, that in coir bags, you don’t even have to have irrigation holes put in. You can insert the drippers straight through the polythene and 100% of the water still goes into the bag.

Unlike stakes from other manufacturers, the Drop Guide stake also has inverted and ascending in size chevrons. These help push the water outwards on its journey from the top of the stake to the bottom, encouraging the water to move out quickly into the growing media. The final chevron fills the whole of the dripping channel, so all the water has to exit the stake at this point. This causes a pulse of pressure so the water runs to the bottom of the bag or pot.

Another key feature of the Drop Guide stake is its Inspection Window. The flow of water is clearly visible as it passes over the water splitter on the stake . The inspection window is very useful for a quick visual check that the dripper is dripping. Other popular stakes do not have this facility.

An added feature of the deep ‘H’ section, is what we call ‘The Angle of Dangle!’ As the season wears on and crops are picked, trimmed and generally looked after, staff cannot help knocking the originally well positioned stake in the bag or the pot. Long after other stakes have started to miss the bag completely, placing water and feed on the floor, the Drop Guide stake can still perform, even when tilted at 45 degrees. This means, that from the first irrigation cycle to harvesting your crop, the Drop Guide stake will always put all the water and nutrients into the growing media for the plant.


Superior performance in all areas means the Click Tif is ideally suited to the demands of UK growers.


The NDJ Click Tif dripper has superior construction in the areas that affect dripper output the most and has been proven effective in UK growing conditions.


A wide range of Applications & Accessories provide greater options for growers to get the most from their irrigation system.