NDJ Click Tif Dripper – Construction

Superior Construction In The Areas That Affect Dripper Output The Most


The unique structure of the dripper facilitates intensified self-cleaning, preventing clogging and vastly improving durability.


  • Reliable use of low-volume drippers
  • Unique self-cleaning operation
  • Wider water passages
  • Very high resistance to clogging
  • Long-term flow accuracy and uniformity
  • Extended product life and durability


The Cascade labyrinth teeth create a double-flow regime that combines rapid central flow with cyclone turbulence, facilitating constant cleaning and flushing. This prevents clogging and improves dripper durability.


The dirt and sand particles that can penetrate the filtration system are washed away, preventing sedimentation and clogging.


NDJ’s super-sized, high-quality injection moulded diaphragm is the engine of their Click Tif dripper. It allows for a class-leading operating range, as well as impressive opening and closing pressures. The Click Tif’s diaphragm is robust and isn’t affected by chemicals or time. It keeps on working irrigation cycle after irrigation cycle, year after year, whilst maintaining all of its operating parameters.


The patented design of the Click Tif’s regulating basin offers the maximum size available to absolutely minimise any chance of blockages.

Proven to be Highly Effective For Use in UK Growing Conditions

Frost Resistance – the NDJ Click Tif is Freezer Proven!

Designed to be used outdoors, where it is open to the elements and to cope with the winter in eastern Europe, the NDJ Click Tif is the ultimate dripper for toughness in prolonged operation in harsh conditions.

Drippers from other manufacturers, can offer little resistance to natural weathering, cold climates, the many on/off’s during the day and the occasional over pressurisation and they start to split and leak. Once they start you cannot stop them. Every year, year after year, another significant percentage will split, costing you time, effort, crop and therefore money replacing throughout the year.

Dripper & System Checking

Penny UK are so confident in the performance of the NDJ Click Tif that, in association with NDJ Israel, we operate a programme of dripper and system checking. We can:

  • Explore uniformities within an irrigation system
  • Check whether the drippers are accurate
  • Check whether age has affected the performance of the drippers
  • Check if dirt and chemicals have finally taken their toll.

Via our testing software, we can also see if the CNL operation is still in place and check to see if it is functioning the same as when the drippers were first installed. CNL operation is absolutely vital to maximise your growth/yield potential. If it is not working properly, then you are not maximising your yield. It’s that simple. And remember, it only takes one dripper to carry on dripping after the valve is shut to ruin the CNL effect.


Superior performance in all areas means the Click Tif is ideally suited to the demands of UK growers.


A deep ‘H’ section in NDJ’s Drop Guide Stake keeps water away from interference, delivering 100% of water and nutrients to your crop.


A wide range of Applications & Accessories provide greater options for growers to get the most from their irrigation system.