NDJ Click Tif Dripper – Performance

The NDJ Click Tif Gives You Up To 40% Better Irrigation Performance Than Other Leading Drippers!

Of all the high closing pressure drippers, only the NDJ has a good range of popular outputs, with its lower volume 1.3lph (generally for 5 drippers per bag) and the evergreen 2lph (for 4 drippers per bag). Of course, in other growing applications, such as pots or containers, having the choice gives greater options depending upon the system design. The only other ‘high’ option from any competitor comes with only one usable output.

The Operating Pressure (OP) range of a dripper is also critical. If a grower has long lines, the field is a long way away, or the valve sections vary in size, a wide OP range allows for system designs that push the dripper’s capabilities. NDJ’s Click Tif has an almost 40% better OP range than other popular drippers used in the UK. This means the NDJ Click Tif is less likely to be near its operational parameters, so over time its performance is least likely to be effected.

A 3M Closing Pressure Handles Slopes Better, With Less Need for LDP’S to Hold Water in the Lateral

With its 3m closing pressure, the NDJ Click Tif dripper handles slopes much better than its competitors, with less need for LPDs to hold the water. It can also deal with the undulating land and cross-slopes that are very common on fruit farms. How does the Click Tif manage this?The ‘Sharp Edge’ CNL seat. This seat, when combined with the diaphragm characteristics, gives the Click Tif market-leading operational properties, which are ideal for UK farms.

The lower diagram shows the closing effect on a competitor’s dripper. Effectively the dripper handles slopes less well than the NDJ Click Tif. It is more susceptible to opening and draining the laterals on sloping areas, even with Netafim TNLs fitted. The additional problem of using other drippers on large slopes is that the pressure loss through the Netafim TNL is quite high. This means the grower is generally limited to two or three in a line, limiting the run length.


The NDJ Click Tif dripper has superior construction in the areas that affect dripper output the most and has been proven effective in UK growing conditions.


A deep ‘H’ section in NDJ’s Drop Guide Stake keeps water away from interference, delivering 100% of water and nutrients to your crop.


A wide range of Applications & Accessories provide greater options for growers to get the most from their irrigation system.