NDJ Click Tif Dripper Applications Accessories

A Wide Range of Applications & Accessories Provide Greater Options for Growers


NDJ offer a removable lead and stake system designed for disinfecting the dripper sets, which can be achieved whilst leaving the dripper in the lateral pipe. This is a very popular option, especially in glasshouse and propagation systems and is used to minimise the risk of disease.


NDJ are always developing and improving the functionality of their drippers, and the new angled outlet Click Tif is now available in all fitting types and outputs. Depending on the growing system, an angled outlet can give the grower better options when the drippers are installed. For example, an angled dripper can help minimise the amount of lead, which can be knocked or damaged during pruning, between the lateral and the plant.


Applications – Installed at the beginning of drip laterals:

  • Prevents draining of sub-main and main pipes after system shut-off
  • Improves irrigation uniformity – synchronises lateral opening/closure along the sub-main
  • Reduces system filling time
  • Can reinforce CNL driplines and button drippers where slopes exceed the closing pressure of CNL installed along the lateral
  • On steep slopes it improves water distribution during lateral draining.

Structure & Features:

  • Simple, plastic 4-part structure
  • Available with a large variety of end connections
  • Outlet is ½” female-threaded NPT
  • Low head loss
  • Recommended working pressure 1.4-4 bar.

Operating Pressure:

  • Opening pressure – 14m
  • Closing pressure – 6m.


Superior performance in all areas means the Click Tif is ideally suited to the demands of UK growers.


The NDJ Click Tif dripper has superior construction in the areas that affect dripper output the most and has been proven effective in UK growing conditions.


A deep ‘H’ section in NDJ’s Drop Guide Stake keeps water away from interference, delivering 100% of water and nutrients to your crop.