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N J Cockburn

Wrap around feed rig with speed control pump, multiple header mains to NDJ dripper system.

  • Wrap Around rig with automatic speed controlled pump
  • 5 venturi system allowing different A + B sources
  • All valves next to pump house to allow different recipes to each valve.
  • Topographical laser measurements made prior to installation
  • Table top system throughout on Strawberries
  • Upgrade of existing strawberry area to a table top system
  • Upgrading and replacement of the original header system to allow for fertigation of each valve block on an individual basis
  • Dedicated pumping and fertiliser dosing system with facility to expand the area in the future
  • Control system can be upgraded to allow for remote operation and monitoring
  • Data recording and storage allow for historical analysis
  • Alarms for non-function of irrigation control and fertigation systems