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L M Porter

Complete system including auto pumps, wrap around feed rig and NDJ drip system.

  • Wrap Around Rig
  • A new 10 valve blueberry field with remote pump house.
  • Compact container of 8’ x 10’.
  • Customer installed all pipework to a very high standard and only required minimum time on site by Aquaplast engineers.
  • Flow rates and pressures checked whilst on site.
  • Dedicated blueberry site with initial planting of 4 Hectare of tunnels with 32,000 pots
  • Two NaanDanJain 2 L/h drippers per pot. Facility included to increase the number of drippers per pot if required
  • Future expansion capacity built into the pumping, fertiliser dosing and header pipe infrastructure
  • Ability to remotely control the irrigation scheduling and monitor the current schedules with historical data recorded
  • Alarms for non-function of irrigation and fertiliser doing systems