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Littywood Project Phase II

Once again, following the success of our initial project we have been asked back for the latest phase.

The water source for this project is an open, unlined reservoir which is relatively shallow. The beautiful sunshine of the 2018 summer turned the water into a pea soup but due to our diligent calculations in the initial stages the triple media filter easily copes with the filtration and water supply. This system also utilises our acid dilution and acid dosing system which reduces the pH of the water to an acceptable pH 6.0 as it fills the storage tank. The water in this tank is agitated during the night by the Spirit Pro to stop any settlement or stratification.

Computer sensors monitor the EC and pH of the water leaving the tank and before it reaches the rig. If it exceeds the parameters set, then the water is stopped before it can go to the field.

A twin pump set with variable speed control has the capabilities to operate single or double valves if required or simply operate on a lead/standby system.

The rig has six venturi legs and a second set of sensors looking at the amount of additives going to the field. This system has separate header pipes going to each field which gives the grower the opportunity to adjust fertiliser levels on each valve. This helps if the crops are planted at different times or if adjustments need to be made to the fertiliser levels locally.

All the valves are pressure regulated to allow for varying pressure losses down each header pipe.

Another successful project finished!

5Ha of Strawberries substrate, over 200k NDJ ClickTif on Phase II and over 400k on 10Ha in total Phase I & Phase II.

The complete system was design to deliver the accurate ml of water and fertiliser at the root zone, with the corret pH and EC which resulted on 98% of 1st class yield this year. Agreat deal of emphasis was given to ensuring that the drippers had zero run off. Steven Busby was quite insistant upon this as he realised that this was critical in delivering the correct feed to the plants in the most uniform manner. It took a little double checking – with the installation of some pressure sustaining valves – but the zero run off goal was achieved!

Another development in technology was the installation of the NDJ Greenline Softwre which interfaces the feed rig with windows driven PC via a remote roam plug in. Installed and working, phase II is being installed this autumn and is already well on the well. All with NDJ Click Tif of course!

It’s been a pleasure to work on this project together with Littywood team which are very dedicated, professional and skilled people and looking forward to engage on Phase III.