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Dosing Rig for Littywood Farm

The blue tank takes in water automatically from the mains pipe attached, the narrow black 8mm PE pipe goes into the 60% Nitric acid mix. To achieve the target pH of 6.5 for this site, we opted to use the black nozzle attachment which gives a ratio of 1:28 and 1% of the Tefen.

Inside the blue tank there is a small Venturi injector, this can be fitted with a range of nozzle sizes, depending on the preferred output level. The Tefen used, is a proportional injector, meaning if the water flow increases or decreases the amount of acid will also adjust automatically.

With this type of system in place, you can also monitor the inlet to the rig, so if the pH is way off then the controller will stop it.

The Tefen unit has a black manual switch which allows the unit to switch on and off, with he water still able to pass through, no need for a bypass! This switch can either be manual or electronic.

The main advantage of this system is no one has to touch it, the mixing of the acid and water happens when it is required so you don’t have layering in the tank, and you have time for the air to mix with the acid and stabilise.