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Revisiting the Rig

Simon Taylor of NaanDanJain ensuring long term customer satisfaction!

It’s that time of the year when Simon Taylor of NDJ visits the rigs supplied and installed via Aquaplast and runs some diagnostics and checks.

This rig on the south coast is feeding a large area of blueberries and has 8 feed legs ( 4 sets of 2 ) and two pH probes to ensure super accuracy of the pH, as blueberries are very sensitive.

The job is made more interesting by the use of sulphuric acid instead of nitric on the request of the agronomist and the fact that the valve sections are over 100m3 in size!

With NDJ feed rigs up and down the country, Simon is always busy, however with remote internet connectivity, many queries are answered remotely, but it is always nice to get “hands on” from time to time.