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Red Tractor recognised as audit standard

Tesco recognises Red Tractor audit as equivalent to own Nurture scheme

Tesco suppliers and exporters revived a boost in the close of 2017, with the new harmonisation of crop standards. Members of Red Tractor Assurance are now be on a level playing field and will no longer have to pay or pass additional inspections by major retailers.

GlobalGap said it had made the decision as a result of its own bench marking exercise, which found further farm assessment could be avoided and therefore removing a significant barrier to fruit and veg exporters.

The news comes after Red Tractor released a strengthened set of standards that came into force on 1 October. “Reducing duplication, driving down bureaucracy and lowering costs is something that we strive to deliver for farming businesses,” said Red Tractor chief executive Jim Moseley. “This is a huge new benefit of Red Tractor membership for UK growers, who no longer have to pay for and pass additional inspections to supply major customers at home and abroad.”

GlobalGAP chief executive Kristian Moeller said: “The Red Tractor Assurance for standards were the very first to be benchmarked by GlobalGAP 15 years ago.

“With this long partnership, we have jointly brought farm certification to a new level and I applaud the achieved state of harmonisation.”

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