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Israel Trip 5th – 9th November

We recently took some of our customers to Israel for an exclusive trip to see first-hand the production, quality control processes and innovative design that NaanDanJain and our other suppliers have to offer.

Day 1

The first day saw the group land at Ben Gurion Airport and travel to the hotel located in “The City That Never Sleeps” Tel Aviv, Israel’s leading city in finance & technology.

Day 2

The team travel one hour, to the Na’an region where NaanDanJain’s factory is based.
They were given a guided tour around the:

  • Dripper & Dripline factory
  • NDJ Laboratory
  • NDJ  Quality Control
  • NDJ Control Systems & Feed Rigs, inspecting the Award Winning Gavish Feed Rig

This provided the group a great deal of knowledge regarding the creation of a NDJ product all the way down to the rigorous testing to ensure it’s highest quality.

Day 3

Early taxi to the scenic Golan Heights, where the A.R.I factory is situated.

The days activities:

  • Discussion & Presentation on ARI Oliptix Control Valves
  • Visit to the factory & Quality Control Depertment
  • Detailed breakdown and presentation of ARI products.

The day was caped off with some sight seeing around the Golan Heights and the Sea of Galilee.

Day 4

A visit to the Yamit Filtration factory in Nitzanei Shalom Industrial Zone.

Discussion points:

  • Benefits of Yamit Filtration
  • Demonstration of Operations & Applications

The rest of the day was spent touring around the historic city of Jerusalem.

Day 5

The final day of the trip saw the group head back to the NaanDanJain Factory.

NDJ’s more specialist services were disccused, such as:

  • Sprinklers Operation & Design
  • Frost Protection
  • Cooling and Humidifying
  • Crop Care System’s

The tour was concluded with a Q&A session and a group discussion regarding NDJ products.