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New Farm Produce

New Farm Produce Install Eighth Aquaplast Feed Rig System

Eight years ago at New Farm Produce we successfully installed our first Aquaplast feed rig system to enable us to have accurate control of a raised coir bag growing system. After enormous success through the years we are currently in the process of installing our eighth Aquaplast feed rig system to allow us to control fertigation on a new soil grown strawberry site, showing our confidence in the equipment for both substrate and soil grown systems. With a user-friendly interface, accurate controls and the ability to have flexible watering and feed programmes the Aquaplast feed rig system has allowed us to improve our irrigation management by delivering a precise, effective output to each and every plant resulting in reduced water consumption and reduced fertiliser costs.

And we are currently looking at additional features to our systems such as a HMI (Human Machine Interface) software package and participating in a RTM (Real Time Management) project to enable even more accurate dosing.

Aquaplast have undoubtedly delivered great results at New Farm Produce subsequently having a huge positive impact on our business.
We would like to thank Ripple Aquaplast for all their support.”