Why Choose Senmatic LED Lighting?

LED lighting that offers dynamic control of light intensity and spectral composition, whilst enabling easy integration with climate control systems, is essential for today’s growers. That is the reason why our LED fixtures have become a success, and that is also the reason why our customers have chosen one of our fixtures. The case studies show how customers came to the decision to use our LED fixtures, and how the decision has benefited their business.

Tulips in Holland

Rainbow Colours and Horizon Flowers

Located in The Netherlands, Rainbow Colours and Horizon Flowers produce close to 100 million tulips each year. At the greenhouses, performance and flexibility are crucial – as is maintaining stable two-layer cultivation in winter. The companies were looking for a dynamic system with a focus on light efficiency and the possibility to provide each tulip variety with a different type of light.

Optimal control

The FL300 Grow is now installed throughout the entire greenhouses. For optimal light control, the FL300 system is combined with the LCC4 climate control system, which monitors all greenhouse parameters while controlling the various light recipes and light levels.
System trials revealed a unique advantage: the ability to provide each tulip variety with customised light recipes. Some tulips required stretching, while others needed colour enhancing. The FL300 and LCC4 combination has proved itself up to the task.

Bas Karsten, CEO at Rainbow Colours says:
“After evaluating different LED manufacturers we chose the FL300 LED system from Senmatic. It won on three parameters: Price, light efficiency and the possibility to control the light.”