Irrigation For Glasshouses

Glasshouse irrigation of any kind requires only the use of hi-tech products offering state of the art performance in the most exacting of conditions. This is where Ripple Aquaplast really come into their own.

With our history originally based on glasshouse supply, we understand the needs and requirements of growers in glass, by offering a range of solutions which will exceed operational requests, as standard. The range of NDJ micro sprinklers completely dominate the world’s largest glasshouse market in Holland and as main dealers for NDJ sprinklers in UK we are pleased to replicate this success in the UK.

NDJ Click Tif drippers outperform many others giving very accurate doses of water and fertiliser, just as the grower requires and demands. Whether fully assembled or partially self-assembled, there is a system configuration which will suit everyone’s needs. You cannot achieve this level of uniformity without using first rate products and materials when combined with first rate irrigation knowledge of the plant being cultivated. Ripple Aquaplast have designed and installed significant drip and sprinkler projects throughout the UK.

We have also designed and supplied ebb and flood installations, fogging with temperature and humidity control, roof sprinklers for temperature control alongside special requests requiring a unique perspective. More than this, Ripple Aquaplast, using our own electronic systems, we can control the complete glasshouse environment as well as irrigation operation. Bringing together all growing management parameters under one computer for ease of operation and control. We understand glasshouse growers.