Irrigation For Fruit Growers

Outdoor and Soil Grown

Ripple Aquaplast are main dealers in the UK for the complete range of NDJ products. The range of outdoor drip that NDJ offer demonstrate their leading position in the world of drip irrigation technology across the world and they are particularly applicable to the UK. For orchard work, we offer Amnon which is designed for a minimum of 15 year operation, perfectly suited to apples, cherries and pears. Many companies offer less expensive driplines purely to save cost but we do not compromise. Our mid-range dripper is called TOP. This can be delivered in a heavy or a thin wall and can be therefore particularly flexible in operation and application. Finally we offer Turbo Excel, the drip tape from NDJ. With its moulded integral dripper, Turbo Excel offers growers even with a low cost option, high levels of accuracy other manufacturers cannot match.

All our drippers feature the Cascade Labyrinth which is a unique and patented system of maximising turbulence within the dripper thus enabling blocking to be practically eliminated.

Substrate Drip

At the heart of any fruit growing irrigation system is the dripper. Ripple Aquaplast are NDJ Main Dealers, NDJ are part of the world’s largest irrigation company. Their Click Tif HD dripper offers features and operations well in excess of what any other dripper can and when linked to an efficient design, it will be the pinnacle of any system. The patented labyrinth offers the widest and the shortest pathways in the business giving maximum trouble operation and output efficiency. The unit is of course UV protected and resistant to all regularly used chemicals used in the fruit growing industries and is manufactured to ISO 9261 Standards with the international production certification. Being pressure regulated it gives precise and equal amounts of water over the industry’s broadest pressure range making it extremely adaptable to the UK substrate industry.

The anti-drain feature eliminates drainage and allows a pulse irrigation operation where designed. Continuously self-flushing throughout the operation – not just at the beginning or the end like many others do – ensures an uninterrupted dripper operation. In short the Click Tif HD sets the standard for others to follow. Ripple Aquaplast use our own PE laterals and sub mains all linked with fittings and sundry equipment which is the very best that money can buy, including our filtration support packages. Designed to the correct capacity to keep the drippers operational for longer, Ripple Aquaplast certainly can provide the complete package for all fruit growers.