Feed Rigs

Feed Rigs

A Comprehensive Range of Feed Rigs That Cover a Wide Range of Needs and Budgets

Accurate dosing is critical to growing success. Alongside our industry leading drippers and drip systems, the Aquaplast feed rigs are renowned for applying the right amount at the right time. By feeding a plant with its specific, ever changing, needs it gives the farmer a precise level of control over the growing environment.

The Aquaplast range of feeding rigs is comprehensive and covers a wide range of needs and budgets. We utilise years of experience and know-how to offer a specifically UK packaged portfolio covering four varying types of injection – wrap around, by-pass, in-line and mix tank.

No matter which model you select, the units are managed and maintained by Aquaplast according to on-site requirements. They are all simple to operate with intuitive software prompts, field proven, robust and designed for the UK.

Growers benefit by having a complete service provider giving a complete irrigation solution ranging from selection, commissioning, servicing, maintaining and trouble shooting.

Two Year Standard or Extended Warranties available. Subject to conditions, ask for details.


Aquaplast Feed Rigs Have All The Advanced Features You Need!

  1. Proven multi-lingual controller standard across the range but with the ability to expand hardware to suit. Also available with HMI (Human Machine Interface) software to further enhance user management of the system.
  2. Robust anodised aluminium support frame.
  3. Multiple industry leading venturi of wide-ranging capacity.
  4. Industrial visual flow meters.
  5. Optional flow controllers and flow restrictors.
  6. EC and pH sampling cell monitoring water downstream of injection rig in the mainline.

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