Irrigation For Agriculture


With high uniformity, low application rates and great accuracy, drip will provide optimum absorption of water into the soil, with no run-off, even on slopes, whilst keeping the soil profile aerated. Utilising short frequent irrigation cycles, you are able to reduce stress caused by over watering, providing perfect growing conditions with highly accessible water and nutrients in a controlled wetted root zone. As you are able to control the wetted root zone, this helps to reduce the amount of water lost through over watering therefore significantly reducing nitrate leaching.

There is also no need to ‘roll out’ for each irrigation cycle. The grower can reduce labour costs along with minimising the amount of machinery traffic on the field, reducing soil compaction, which benefits current and future soil conditions as well as making harvesting easier for root crops.


In the search for greater efficiency in agricultural irrigation the role of the micro sprinkler cannot be underestimated. Ripple Aquaplast have researched and trialled many operations and products over the years and we have found that NDJ, with its unrivalled performance of up to 94% CU in open field conditions, offer not only the very best performance but a rugged practical construction best suited to the UK climate and operation.

We rely on computer aided design to offer the best tailored solution for each application taking into account all the basic principles of sprinkler design and farm layout linked to the use of high end PE pipes for the laterals system. We use two lateral systems based around our own PE production – lengths and drums. Choice of either depends very much on farmer preference or farm layout as both systems offer hitherto unheard of uniformity of application even in the very toughest circumstances.