Save Time and Labour Costs Using Real Time Management

The goal of accurate and workable real time growing information being available for decision makers from polythene structures is the ‘holy grail’ of plant husbandry.

It presents in itself, a series of communication and technical issues which so far have been insurmountable, until now. Aquaplast have, with our drip and micro irrigation partners NaanDanJain, designed a system which can give accurate EC, pH and flow data from the middle of a field or tunnel structure with or with cables at a fraction of the cost of a convention glasshouse system.

Depending on layout, each in-field unit can cover up to 6 valves, each sending back to the central rig controller data which can either be used as an accurate windows based tool to assist irrigation managers to make programming decisions on an hourly basis or indeed, with the special Gavish software, the grower pre-determined set points can be influenced automatically by the data received.

‘As with most systems, growers needs and preferences vary from farm to farm so we are still very much at the tailored solution stage. However, farmers who are choosing our hardware already have the software available, it just needs to be switched on. To be fair, we are still learning the possibilities of the system which in itself is exciting. That’s why we are looking for early up-takers to join us so we can either install systems into new or existing sites and NDJ are offering fantastic introductory rates to help cover costs.’

Stewart Penny, Commercial Director of Aquaplast.

In reality, we expect most growers to go down the semi-automatic route first, still allowing the human interface to adjust as only growers’ experience knows how to.

However, during particularly stressful growing periods or indeed when conditions are uniform over a period of time, fully automatic operation is available to those that want it.

If farmers have non Gavish equipment, then the Gavish controller – the brains behind the system – has to purchased and this is then linked via hardwire or internet to a PC, laptop or hand held device.

If you are interested to find out more, then please contact Aquaplast to arrange a technical discussion based on your farm and your needs.

For Aquaplast, the focus is you.

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