NDJ 6025 SD 1/2″M


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• Unique hammer combined with SD (super diffuser) plate – designed for uniform distribution with single or dual nozzles

• Special arched water path facilitates wider radius of throw, reducing the number of sprinklers required per unit area

• High distribution uniformity up to 16 m

• Reduced sensitivity to clogging and higher resistance to wind

• Designed for short irrigation cycles for germination

• Colour-coded bayonet nozzles for easy service

• Solid construction with full protection of spring and axle area

• High impact and heavy-duty plastic materials for resistance to corrosion, chemicals and radiation


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RX3256 NDJ 6025 SD 2.8MM 1/2″ M, RX3257 NDJ 6025 SD 3.0 1/2″ M, RX3258 NDJ 6025 SD 3.2 1/2″ M, RX3259 NDJ 6025 SD 3.5 1/2″ M, RX3260 NDJ 6025 SD 4.0 1/2″ M