NDJ 5022 SD & SD-U PC


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Quick Overview

• Unique and innovative modular PC mechanism.

• Easily change full circle sprinkler into part circle sprinkler and vice versa.

• Unique hammer combined with SD (Super Diffuser) plate designed for uniform distribution even at low operation pressure (1.5 bar).

• Spacing up to 14 m.

• Combining with full-circle sprinkler ensures that 100% of the water remains within the irrigation area.

• Wide range of flow rates makes it the ideal partner for every full-circle sprinkler in any crop or field.

• High-impact, heavy-duty plastic materials provide resistance to corrosion, chemicals and UV radiation.


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Additional Information

Product Type

RX3254A NDJ 5022 SD-U PC 2.5mm 1/2″M, RX3255A NDJ 5022 SD-U PC 2.8mm 1/2″M, RX3256A NDJ 5022 SD PC 3.0mm 1/2″ M, RX3257A NDJ 5022 SD PC 3.2mm 1/2″M