Bermad Valve 100 Series 2 Way Coil


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Quick Overview

  • Durable industrial grade valve design and construction
  • Ultra-high flow capacity with minimal pressure loss
  • Designed for service on a wide range of pressure and flow conditions, from dripping to maximum flow
  • Accurate motion and smooth regulation
  • Articulated flange connections isolate the valve from line bending and pressure stresses

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  • No chattering or slamming closed
  • Accurate and stable regulation with smooth motion
  • Low operating pressure requirements
  • No diaphragm erosion and distortion
  • Diaphragm and spring fully meet the valve’s operating pressure range requirements
  • No UV and frozen effect
  • Chemical resistant
  • Simple design with few parts guarantees easy in-line inspection and service.
  • Adaptable on-site to a wide range of end connection types and sizes.
  • Articulated flange connections isolate the valve from pipeline bending and pressure stresses

Additional Information

Product Type

RN7721D BERMAD 100 2″ 2W AC, RN7721E BERMAD 100 3″ 2W AC, RN7721H BERMAD 100 2″ 2W 9VDC, RN7721I BERMAD 100 3″ 2W 9VDC