Drilled Pipe – Getting the Spec Right

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Getting your drilled pipe specifications right is important. This is why we give this topic a lot of thought at Ripple Aquaplast. After various meetings and discussions, we have managed to come up with a original formula for the raw material and hence the extruded pipe, which we are very satisfied with for the UK market. Manufactured by NaanDanJain Spain, we have made sure that not only does the pipe last the course of the dripper, but also, that the drip holes are precisely measured for leak proof operation.

Effectively, we have asked NaanDanJain to slow down the production speed, to minimise the risk of oval or mispunched holes.

Not only this, as the image shows, we have date stamped with the production date each meter of the pipe alongside a production code so each piece of pipe is fully traceable in the unlikely event of any issues during its lifespan.

punched pipe

Another one of the key elements to be aware of with the production of the pipe is the quality of the coiling machine. The pipe is effectively under very little torsion once coiled. This is a balance of the actual coiling process and the quality of the material being produced. This results in effectively zero oval or strained holes which allows the pipe to be sensibly stored waiting to be used in the field.

It is often underestimated the detrimental effect of coiling the pipe and the effect it can have on the integrity of the drilling. The resulting leaks, even if small, completely negate the CNL operation of the system with the resulting detrimental effect on the crop.

The product is available to order now! Our standard lengths are 20cm and 25cm in 300m coils. Of course all spacings are available to order. Both 20mm and 25mm diameter LPDE is available. So either call the team on 01925 818499 or follow this link: https://goo.gl/5GwS5T

Remember to specifically ask for NaanDanJain drilled pipe from Ripple Aquaplast and be assured of a quality product for prolonged, trouble free life.

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