Every company says that they satisfy their clients. Ripple Aquaplast has the track record and happy clients to prove it. We’ll gladly put you in contact with any of our past or present clients. Over the past 26 years, we have refined our skills in order to constantly deliver on our promises.

Robinsons Nurseries Ltd

Robinsons are a large glasshouse nursery producing annual ornamental plants and tomatoes from their 15 acre nursery near Manchester. With a long and successful family history dating back to 1934, Robinsons now have state of the art structures and packing machinery and are continually looking to develop and expand. Of Ripple Aquaplast, Peter Robinson said

“We have developed a long term relationship with Ripple Aquaplast and view them as a valued supplier. They have assisted with our recent expansion and the on-going development of our site, supplying industry leading irrigation products delivered on time and always at the right price.”


(Image above: Peter Robinson, Robinsons Nurseries Ltd)

Stephen McGuffie - Director, New Farm Produce

The present owners, David and Stephen McGuffie are third generation at the farm which started in 1960. Known throughout the horticultural industry, New Farm has won a multitude of awards including – Food and Farming Business Award 2013, Grower of the Year Award 2011 for Innovation, 2008 for Turning Science into Practice and 2003 as Soft Fruit Growers. With Paul McGuffie as an established member of the management team, the fourth generation is already in place. Steve McGuffie says of Ripple Aquaplast:

“Our business is very involved with irrigation trials work, the technical help and support provided by Ripple Aquaplast has been invaluable in this work. Ripple Aquaplast (formerly Aquaplast) have supplied irrigation equipment to New Farm Produce for more than 25 years. They have consistently provided a high service level, giving us the confidence to know that when an emergency arises they respond very promptly. Their technical support has helped us to deliver very efficient irrigation systems for our crops using quality products supplied by Ripple Aquaplast.”

(Image above: Steve McGuffie, New Farm Produce)

Charles Kidson - Lower Reule Farm


Lower Reule Farm was established in 1976 primarily as a livestock unit. With the growth of strawberries in the later parts of the last century the farm diversified and has now 60.6 hectare of strawberry production of which 53 hectare is intensive table top production.

Charles Kidson, one of the present directors, joined in 2005 and has overseen this significant growth of the business. Charles is also a director and board member of Berry Gardens, the UKs leading berry and stone fruit production and marketing group.

 “We started using Ripple Aquaplast about 8 years ago and they have designed and supplied the irrigation for our more recent significant expansion. I find them grower focused, technically astute and not least, competitive. In farming there are always the pressures of time and Ripple Aquaplast have always managed to supply within the timescales set by Lower Reule – even though sometimes it was a close shave! I also feel that they are, like ourselves, a company that does not stand still. They bring on-board new products and new ideas which have served Lower Reule well.”


(Image above: Charles Kidson, Lower Reule Farm)

Geoff Ceaser - Managing Director, Borden Hill

A significant player in the UK wholesale nursery supply market, Bransford Webbs can be traced back to the mid 19th century for the Webbs side of the business which was merged with Bransford in 2005. The Tooby family started Bransford in the 1960s. Having justifiably winning Ornamental Grower of the Year 2016 Geoff Ceasar MD says of Ripple Aquaplast:

“At Bransford Webbs we have made considerable increases to our growing facilities over the last 10 years. Through all of this expansion we have relied upon Ripple Aquaplast for both advice and supply of irrigation equipment. From the smallest repair job needing an overnight supply of fittings to major projects requiring design and technical recommendations Ripple Aquaplast have proved to be a valuable, reliable and cost effective partner for our business.” Geoff is a Director of the HTA and Chairman of the Ornamentals Committee.

(Image above: Geoff Ceasar, Borden Hill)

Jon Rix - Business Partner, Kelsey Farm

Joined the business in 1999. Was originally a top fruit concern. Since 2000 100% soft fruit with a 50/50 split between raspberries and strawberries.

“The NDJ drip systems Aquaplast have supplied are the most accurate on the farm. Their performance in particular on sloping terrain outperforms any other dripper we have. There is zero run off and therefore very uniform crops.”


(Image above: Jon Rix, Kelsey Farm)