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Dan Modular Green Swivel Anti Mist


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Quick Overview

• Uniform coverage
• Ideal droplet size prevents drift of fine mist
• No dripping during operation
• Symmetrical water distribution with no deflection or “dead corners”
• Low pressure Leakage Prevention Device (LPD) for perfect pulsed operation
• Low cost


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• Recommended working pressure: 2.0-3.5 bar
• Flow rate: 30-40 l/h
• Filtration requirements: 130 microns (120 mesh)
• Wetted diameter: 1.2 m


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Additional Information

Product Type

RA3208 Dan Modular Green Swivel Green Nozzle + Anti Mist 40LPH, RA3208A Dan Modular Green Swivel Orange Nozzle + Anti Mist 70LPH, RA3208B Dan Modular Green Swivel Yellow Nozzle + Anti Mist 90LPH, RA3208C Dan Modular Green Swivel Blue Nozzle + Antimist 120LPH